I love the idea of #NaAppDevMo, a worked example.

Thread started off on Twitter a few nights ago and Matt also posted on his blog.  Commit an hour a night during December to put the bones of an app together.  A brilliant idea.

Let me add something to that – I know it can be done.  Three weeks ago a spark of an idea came into my head so I jotted it down and ran it past the trusted inner circle.  Seemed like a go-er but needed a prototype (you can insert your lean startup cliches, itch scratching and all that here – me, I just got on with it).

I have a golden hour, it’s between 7:20am and 8:20am – the time I’m at the bus station or on the bus itself. A laptop, a text document with a to-do list…..not #NaAppDevMo but more #NaWebAppHadoopDevMo.  Without the pomposity of it all I know I have the coding advantage and can get on with it. Others have to look at the pdf/book and figure stuff out.

An hour is the perfect block of time, split into 15 minute blocks and define what you want to achieve for each of those 15 minutes. Four tasks in various stages of completion – works nicely and you see the overall picture coming together.

The whole concept of #NaAppDevMo is brilliant, I encourage you all to give it a go during December, even blog your progress.  I’d love to read how you’re getting on.

Good luck!


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