Time For A Change? #algorithms #ml #ai #business #data

My first WordPress blog post was back in October 2008, my first blog post goes back way before then in 2000. Twenty-one years of knowledge, insight and, let’s be honest, nonsense.

While most folk know me for the big data thing, whether that’s Hadoop, Spark, Kafka or Pulsar. What I want to do now is focus on the fun stuff again, the side projects that make me tick. So it’s really about data and insight. As my day job is Kafka, Hadoop and Pulsar with the brilliant company Digitalis I’ll keep those kinds of post for them.

With lockdowns, dodgy information, increased anxiety and a complete lack of sleep, well the last couple of months have only reminded me that data is sexy, and the incline to a truly algorithmic business is worth looking into in my spare time.

So, if you want stuff on algorithms, data and artificial intelligence in retail, it’ll be here. Kafka and the lark, that will be with my employer. Time for tea I think……


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