Machine Learning book update…. #ai #machinelearning #java #clojure #kafka #dl4j #weka #spark

The first draft of the second edition is complete and a lot of the editing work is done. There are a couple of big changes….

  • SpringXD has now been replaced with Kafka and how to perform self training machine learning models (with Neural Networks, Linear Regression and Decision Trees).
  • The chapter on Spark got a rewrite to bring it up to date (oh and bye Scala….)
  • New chapters on math/stats and stuff, machine learning with text and machine learning with images.
  • A whole new chapter on data preparation, extraction with Apache Tika and so on.
  • Some jokes have been removed…..

You can see the page on the Wiley website for more information (it’s being updated while edits are ongoing) so it might not be 100% accurate.

If you want to preorder on Amazon (thank you in advance) then you can do so here.

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