I’m talking about streaming apps at ClojureX 4-5th December, London at @Skillsmatter #clojure #onyx #streaming #kafka #kinesis

Who Let Him Up There Again??

Last year at ClojureX I did an introduction to Onyx, this year it’s about what I really learned at the coal face. I’ll be talking about how I bled all over Onyx with a really big project.

This time though, no naff jokes, no Strictly Come Dancing and Linear Regression*, no temptation to use that Japanese War Tuba picture. It will be about designing streaming applications, task life cycles, heartbeats, docker deployment considerations and the calculating log volume sizes for when you’re on holiday.

I’m looking forward to it. If you are interested in the current schedule you can read that here, if you want more information on the conference then that’s on the SkillsMatter website.

* If you’re interesed the Darcey Coefficient is (as a Clojure function):

(ns darceycoefficient.core)
(defn predict-score [x-score]
 (+ 3.031 (* 0.6769 x-score)))

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