Decision Tree’s Appointed To The Board: #machinelearning #bigdata #prediction

Deep Knowledge Ventures (DKV), a Hong Kong based venture capital fund focused on companies developing therapies for age-related disease and regenerative medicine, has appointed VITAL, a machine learning program capable of making investment recommendations in the life science sector, to its board.” (PRWeb)

Well, well, well…. I would say there’ll be a large clause in company law saying that board members must be human but it made good jumpy out “machines are taking over the world” reading nonetheless.

Decision trees have been on my mind a lot recently, they were mocked a few years back but have come back in favour with more powerful machine learning algorithms.

When I was writing a the book “Machine Learning: A hands-on approach”, (yes I’m writing a book) I decided to dedicate a whole chapter on the blessed creatures.  Divide and conquer still has a place.


If you want to play around with decision trees and you have no idea how to create them, then grab some csv data and head to (disclaimer I’m the 100% equity shareholder, CEO, CTO and CTO and all the other CxO’s :)).

Will we ever approach a time when these trees will control? Well a bit of yes and a bit of no I suppose. In advertising it’s a yes, it’s already happening. It’s happening in trading too… but in the board room? I don’t think so, you need some human level of insight and intervention, just in case.

It’s a nice idea though and one I’ll be pursuing a little more…..



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