uVoucher includes Apple Passbook for personalised coupon delivery

Customer loyalty company Datasentiment have rolled out Apple’s Passbook system into their uVoucher platform. 

Customers who are signed up with uVoucher’s partner retailers can now receive their personalised coupons direct to the Passbook application on their iPhone.

“The addition of Passbook is a logical step in the uVoucher ecosystem. uVoucher provides the flexibility that retailers expect with coupon delivery. A retailer can now distribute personalised coupons out via Passbook, the retailer branded smartphone app, email, printable PDF and SMS messaging.”, said founder Jason Bell.

“While there are many websites offering a very basic service to create Passbook coupons we’ve maintained the personalisation features that are integral to good customer loyalty, coupons are targeted direct to the customer and each redemption code is unique. This enables retailers to see redemption statistics in real time if desired. The only way to gain true understanding of customer behaviour is to personalise the conversation between the retailer and the consumer.”

The completion of Passbook integration is part of the wider expansion of the uVoucher platform to incorporate easy to use predictive analysis to inform retailers on how to best target further offers, monitor customer activity and reward customers performance. Datasentiment opened up their core Hadoop platform, Cloudatics, early in 2012 to enable other companies perform BigData tasks at low cost.

“What uVoucher provides is a customer loyalty platform that can out perform some of the household name systems. Retailers that are willing to take time to learn about their customers will see the benefits in the long term and a potential increase in the bottom line. Customer loyalty and retention are critical for the long term survival of local and national retail.”

For a free 30 day demo of the uVoucher platform then please visit:

http://www.datasentiment.com/scardinfo.php and leave your contact and company details.


Originally posted on the Datasentiment blog and also on SyncNI website.

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