Brewster – got the app, used the app, deleted the app…. now what about the data?


Oh the day was coming wasn’t it. An all singing all dancing app that combined all your address book, social media (because we are all that social with each other, really) and a lovely UI to boot. Yes, eye candy got the downloads. Brewster got us talking…. 

The installation process doesn’t come as any surprise tell us what accounts you use and we’ll rip the backside out of the data via the API’s and pull the connections together. Big issue for me is that those connections are done outside of the device, not inside it.

Is that a problem? Well there is this small security thing that people bang on about for sure but there’s this one niggle in the back of my mind. 

If I delete the app will Brewster still carry on mining connections withou my say so? There’s a lot of movement data (Foursquare), sentiment (Twitter) and other crap (Facebook) plus anything else that the system can muster up.  Who’s to say there isn’t an internal Google API call as well doing a quick search behind our backs?

We’ll never know. I want to delete the app but I want to know how (and get it confirmed) my data and all the mining is gone.



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