Reverse Engineering the Nonsense. #marketing #coco #eureka


It looks daft doesn’t it…’s either bats**t loonball or someone has just done their job very well indeed…. personally I think it’s marketing genius. This is how I imagine the phone call went…..

[Eureka] – “Hi, is that Coco? It’s marketing dude at Eureka here, we’ve got this idea to sell these vacuum cleaners.”

[Coco] – “Go on, I’m listening….”

[Eureka] – “Will you walk down the high street while one of our other dudes vacuums the street? We’ll give you 10% of the sales”

[Coco] – “Deal! Can I wear what I want? If I’m gonna look mad I might as well do it in style….”

[Eureka] – “Deal!”

(Disclaimer: The above is ALL MADE UP)

Back of the Beermat later….

Facebook views as I took the screenshot: 15,777,263….. nice.

One percent convert to sales? A long shot but hey, it’s madness this morning.

So 157,772 sales at $219 as let’s be honest you want the one that Coco get’s someone to clean the street with…. $34,552,205.97. Nice.

Coco walks about with $3.4m in her back pocket (assuming the getup has pockets).

Not bad for an hour’s work, a bit of mockery on Facebook and Youtube, so odd headlines about you but hey, the exposure is priceless. Eureka have saved a fortune on Youtube CPM fees and a full marketing campaign.

That doesn’t even take into account the outfit and what the baby is wearing. Now if you could scan the image into an app and find out about it…… Oh Kim’s working on that already….

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