The Gig Economy Part 2 – No, I’m not doing a drinks delivery startup….

My blog post yesterday was outlining my thought processes of an alcohol delivery service. It’s obviously hit a delighted nerve in the readership (thank you, both of you).

Yesterday I received quite a few messages from folk suggesting I should do such a thing. “That’s a great idea Jase, you should do it!”, “We had this very problem over the weekend!”, “Your delivery charge is too low, I’d pay £3 to get it to my door!” and other communications ended with exclamation marks.

I’m not doing it. There are plenty out there doing such a thing, I named one yesterday, Hungry House, if you’re in the UK. If you want to do it, you have my blessing, use the original post as a starting point.

Winner on branding though…. Saucey, just make it as chic as you can. Bawse as a Service.

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