Sometimes your best #software #engineering decisions are the quick ones.

Imagine the scene

The walk to gate 81 at Stansted Airport is a long one, over the walk way. Those that know me I’m not great on my feet as I once was. So while concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other one of my shoes totally gave out.

(Yes that’s a picture of a squirrel and that’s a book on yield management calculations, go figure). 

So what to do?

Well there are shops selling gaffer tape, sellotape, string, superglue. I’m not for turning around and walking back as I’m halfway to the gate. The noise of this clod hopping thing is very loud that I’m getting odd looks…..

Time for quick solution thinking. What have I got to hand and what can I possibly to with it? Literally in a split second the question, “How do I keep this sole up with the rest of the shoe?”. I could only think of one solution. Take the lace out and re-tie the lace under the shoe to hold it together, kind of.

It worked, it was a bit loose but it kept together so I could walk and not be the noisy centre of attention.

There are days startups and software are the same, backed into a corner with little on hand to help you and you just have to make a decision to get things working. It happens and sharpening those skills is a good thing to have.

The shoes are no more but the memory in a blog post lives on.

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