#Invent2016 – The TechBet Results

First of all, a huge congratulations to Jumpack for becoming overall winner on Invent2016. Right, so while everyone is probably getting drunk now, down to the business of numbers….


The Parimutuel Betting Results

A total of 285 virtual coins were wagered, for details of what and how this happened please have a look at my earlier blog post. As expected, in my mind, Elemental and Kraydel pulled in the majority of the total bet.

Name Total Amount Wagered
e+press 50
JumPack 25
Purple Magic
Oran Oak 10
Kraydel 125
Take Ten
Point Energy
Elemental 75
The Shield

So the payout is 285/25 = 11.4 (giving odds of Jumpack winning at 10.4/1 and also providing a nice 10.4 per 1 wagered profit, not a bad day’s work for those who bet on it, a secret, it was one person).


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