From Onyx Template to Working App in Thirty Seconds #onyx #clojure

UPDATE: You can ignore this post now. I’ve done a FULL WALKTHROUGH!

It’s early days for the Onyx Platform and I’m using it in a number of projects as it plugs in with Kafka well. Though getting it up and running can be a bit confusing. So as an aide memoir for me more than anything, here’s the thirty second version.

I’m assuming you have leiningen installed. No tutorial or walkthrough, maybes later when I’ve got some more time and can present something a little more worthy but in the meantime here’s the basics.

With regards to Zookeeper Onyx is using it’s own in-memory version so there’s no need to spin one up for this quick overview.

Create The Application with Onyx Template

$ lein new onyx-app funky-avocado
Generating fresh Onyx app.
Building a new onyx app with:

Create The Uberjar

$ cd funky-avocado/
funky-avocado $ lein uberjar
Compiling funky-avocado.core
Compiling funky-avocado.core
Created /work/funky-avocado/target/funky-avocado-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
Created /work/funky-avocado/target/peer.jar

Running The Application

$ java -cp target/peer.jar funky_avocado.core start-peers 10 -c resources/config.edn
Starting peer-group
Starting env
Starting peers
Attempting to connect to Zookeeper @
Started peers. Blocking forever.

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