My #Invent2016 Predictions…. ego bruised already.

The joys of startup ideas and judging panels, you never know how these things are going to go. Now the post I did was based on gut, not data. Lack of data means lack of  the reduction of risk….. so my predictions on the group and final winners was with little certainty anyway.

I had my thoughts and the judges had theirs.

So far Jase, not great.

So 50% of my group winner predictions have gone already, plus my predicted finalist is out. Ah well, such is life… I didn’t put money on it so no one lost out. I’ve got my opinions and for once I’m keeping them to myself.

Consumer Internet

Finalists: VenueBooker, Orca Money, E+Press and Locate A Locum

Prediction: Orca Money


Finalists: Embed, JumPack, PetalRod and SmartVent

Prediction: Embed

Agri Science

Finalists: Copeland Spirits, Green Lizard Tech, Oran Oak and Purple Magic

Prediction: Purple Magic (Hunch on name alone)

Life and Health

Finalists: Take Ten, TILT, Kraydel and ECGeasy

Prediction: TILT


Finalists: PacTec, PayOx, Point Energy and SnapIt

Prediction: PacTec

Enterprise Software

Finalists: Elemental, The Shield, Right Revenue and SpaceHop

Prediction: SpaceHop

I salute any startup getting this far in the first place, it’s not easy. Putting heart and soul in to an idea takes guts and determination. So well done to all of them. I can’t put my finger on a winner though, it’s now wide open and I don’t know enough about them. The finals are going to be very interesting.


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