The Day #IoT Lost All Credibility

Are you working on an IoT startup? A lot of them are starting to sound like ideas devised from a bunch of village idiots dosed up on Buckfast on a Sunday afternoon.

Buckfast: Aiding Entrepreneurial Plans Since 1976……

The Day It Died

The day it ended, the day the IoT community should read and hang it’s head in shame came yesterday. And boy I bit my tongue.


Really! Really! Shock people when their bank balance gets too low? Is what the world is going to come to, I honestly don’t want part of this stupid dream world.

Currently it’s about consumer choice, but find me a consume who wants to be tagged to their bank, no one….. did market research ever enter the minds of the “ideas men and women”? And whats worse is that the BBC gave it an audience, the Tech section needs A GET IN THE SEA tab and quickly.

Just because API’s can talk to each other doesn’t mean they should. Should I get a shock from really annoying friend to tell me (not remind me, TELL ME) to get a bottle milk as I’m nearly running out? NO BECAUSE I HAVE EYES! FLIP. I would put money on the fact a blind person would not need IoT for using their sense of touch to figure the same problem out.

The End Of IoT

What you have witnessed reader is the marked beginning of the end of consumer IoT devices, there are no transforming ideas. People don’t want to be tracked and their data content “put in the cloud” so they can be marketed to.

Enterprise problems are cumbersome and boring but they do make money, mainly because they will never put up with this insane nonsense of new IoT ideas. Mud. Wall. Stick…. I doubt it.


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