It’s The End Of The World As We Know It….? #clojure


What does your to do list look like today? Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon according to a group reported in the Guardian yesterday. Now I, for one, am not amused by this news at all, not today of all days, there’s too much cool stuff coming up over the next period so, well the end of the world can just stop right there.

Saying that, we have been here before a few times.

All The Coin Flips, Dead or Alive?

I’ll keep it simple, there are only two outcomes. We’re either still breathing or we’re all done for. Now there’s the best part of 40 predictions that I’ve seen predicting the end of the world. So 0.5 to the power of 40…..

user> (Math/pow 0.5 40)

That’s a lot of zeros. 0.0000000000009094% chance it is then. I think I’ll get a bottle of milk in the morning after all.

From The Department Of It Was Obvious But I Just Had To…..

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