Cassandra Invalid Token for Murmur3Partitioner Problems. #cassandra

If you are manually booting an Apache Cassandra server and you get the following message:

Fatal configuration error; unable to start server. See log for stacktrace.
 INFO 21:29:27,638 Announcing shutdown
ERROR 21:29:27,639 Exception in thread Thread[StorageServiceShutdownHook,5,main]
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid token for Murmur3Partitioner. Got true but expected a long value (unsigned 8 bytes integer).
 at org.apache.cassandra.dht.Murmur3Partitioner$1.fromString(
 at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.getTokensFor(
 at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.handleStateNormal(
 at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.onChange(
 at org.apache.cassandra.gms.Gossiper.doOnChangeNotifications(
 at org.apache.cassandra.gms.Gossiper.addLocalApplicationState(
 at org.apache.cassandra.gms.Gossiper.stop(
 at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService$1.runMayThrow(

No need to panic. Chances are the server is still running, it’s just a case of killing the process running it and starting the server up again.

Sounds daft but it saves Googling around trying to find the answer….


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