You need #BFA as well as #JFDI (with a nod to @treygunn)

There was a time we preached #JFDI, just flipping do it (the word “flipping” is interchangeable with other words beginning with the same letter). Regardless of idea and level it was a case of jumping in both feet and getting on with it.

Time being the evil tempter of fate usually shows you that things are never going to complete as fast as you want them too (just as a software developer without a decent specification).

Being you is just as hard while doing #JFDI as you (and me) are exposed to thousands upon thousands of business books preaching the way to do things. It might be lean this, or micromanage this or that or the other.

I’m not sure how many folk are aware of Trey Gunn, a musician, a journey man of music, carving out his own voice. He’s one of those rare folk who’s creative pulse is never ceasing and the next thing is always different than the previous. From his work with David Sylvian, King Crimson, KTU, Alice (yup an Italian singer songwriter, fantastic stuff too!) and Toni Childs – well Trey, was Trey and never tried to be anything else.

He’s worth listening too as his talk is worth noting regardless if you’re a musician or a startup. It’s all about “being f**king amazing!” as he puts it.

So perhaps it should be: #JFDI + #BFA = Where you should be aiming for.

Thanks Trey.

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