Who is Your Support Network? #startups #sanity

It’s a simple question…. to be honest the answer is simple as well.


Startups are all consuming beasts that never leave you alone. Fine if there’s a team of 20 but a real challenge if it’s a team of one. If the service runs into trouble and customers are giving you a hard time then it’s the worst job in the world.

Yes this is where cofounders come in useful, you have a sound board. Some founders don’t want cofo’s, it makes life harder but it’s still not impossible to do. If that’s the route you want to go down though then you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got a support network in the industry as well as close family.

And a quick note, if you see a startup struggling, just a wee phone call to see if they’re okay makes all the difference. It’s not about being an entrepreneur or a mentor, it’s about being a human being.


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