Ranum: My new #startup funding system.

The old adage runs true, you need money to make money. Now whether that’s someone else’s money or your own doesn’t really matter, it just alters how the communication and reporting is done.


I have to admit my system is not exactly new among entrepreneurs but I believe that I’ve managed to remove all that writing business plans, doing pitches and so on. I don’t even have to attend things I can just wheel the system out on a regular basis and see what transpires, for a  minimum investment of £2 a week (I can obviously increase that) I could stand to make a 1.6mx return on my investment or there abouts. I mean there’s no guarantees but there isn’t in much else either.

Here’s my startup formula:


I’m not just limited to six numbers, I could add more but I’d need to up my initial investment by £2 for every set of six numbers I pick. There’s a UK board meeting on a Wednesday and a Saturday (I know the board meets on a Saturday) and sometimes the bring a band on and do a quiz. It’s crazy.

The downside to this startup is my return varies from 1 in 56 where I get a 5x per week invested return to the unicorn finding probability of 1 in 13,983,816. If more than one investor has the same startup formula as me then the return is split amongst us.

The great thing is that these startup investment pools are all over the world with varying probabilities but they all seem to have that board meeting. Here’s the European board meeting 🙂

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