Amazon Web Service outages happen, get over it.

Once again Amazon has an outage, once again Heroku, Vine, Netflix and Instagram go down for a period of time.

Once again the news organisations jump on it like it’s a major issue.

Once again customers take to what ever media they can to vent their frustrations.

Outages happen, it’s a fact of life – stuff is gonna happen whether we like it or not, nothing in this world is built perfect.  If the companies cared so much then they’d have a back up plan to switch to a different cloud provider with the same OS and storage facility.

Let’s be honest, outages aren’t really news, the amount of money lost has probably already been factored in by the companies anyway know it’s going to happen.

I will say this though, if you’re a small startup and you insist on being on Amazon cloud services then have a backup plan with another provider so you can switch (read up on HAProxy too while you’re at it).  You’ll sleep better and your customers will thank you too.


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