Scarcity + Wow = A good offer…..

The customer asks, “what’s in it for me?”.

The supplier asks, “how can I sell this capacity?”.

Make a deal and make it good!  Readers, both of you, may I introduce, Gwyneth. She’s got a book out you know.



The $2000 daily deal on Groupon for a meet and greet with Gwyneth Paltrow can be viewed on many levels.  60 spaces sold out very quickly but the  meeting and greeting bit was only a small percentage of what actually was being sold.

This is what was being sold:

  • Round trip airfare from anywhere in the US/Canada to New York
  • Transfers from airport to hotel.
  • Two nights in a four star hotel.
  • One swanky meal for two at some plush place.
  • Spa treatments (they had to get it in there somehow, it wouldn’t be a daily deal otherwise!)
  • A hairdo, a pedi and a manicure. (see sarky comment above).

Oh, and Gwyneth will knock up a bacon sandwich and give you a copy of her book that she’s signed.

The deal is for the spare capacity flights, hotel, pedis, hair, meals…. all the defacto daily deal stuff. The wow factor is obviously Gwyneth and how fans will do anything to meet her as fans would want to do. There was no worry about selling this deal out. Block buy the hotels, flights and so on would reduce the cost further.

This is how daily deals should be done.  Scarcity is king here and if you can put a famous name to it then it’ll sell out regardless.

I was trying to think of a potential alternative for the Northern Ireland daily deals sites.  How about all inclusive Translink bus fare and two nights in the Holiday Inn to see Jenny Bristow make a stache?

It might just work……



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