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What’s your first reaction when you see something like this?



I see it as a challenge, an evening or a weekend hack where I could just sit down with a clean project and just figure it out. If you’re reaction was, “he just wants everyone to do it for him”, “he can sort it out for himself”, then perhaps it’s time to have a quick look in the mirror and evaluate why you’re in this creative/programming game.

It’s stuff like this that makes you learn whether Matt ends up using it or not is irrelevant but the fact you were listening, were aware and could do something is important.

Collaboration is just that, collaboration. “something created by working jointly with another or others”

There are people who have ideas, there are people can visualise stuff and there are people who can code. Put it all in a pot and there’s a good probability of something good coming out.  For those who know me well enough I’ll answer any question emailed to me. If I don’t know the subject matter I’ll tell you and hopefully know someone who does. In terms of pushing software developers and creatives in Northern Ireland especially this is the mindset we need, collaboration will be the key.

I’m not looking for fame or status, just to know that someone called out a request and by chance I knew the answer or had some information that would help forward those persons goals on, well that kinda feels good to me.  It also comes in handy for job applications Github provides the perfect vehicle for proving that you can do what you claim to say you do better than any CV would. This is something that Matt Biddulph documented while he was hiring for Nokia in 2010.

Your altitude is proportional to your attitude.

Oh and for the record…. iOSBluetoothDiscovery is on github.  It’s barebones and I’m sure it doesn’t completely fulfil what was wanted but it’s a good starting point.


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