Nintendo – it’s time to get those titles on another device.

I own a Nintendo Wii, here’s the gig as I see it. If it wasn’t for Skylanders then this console was becoming a piece of furniture and one that I couldn’t sit or rest coffee on either.

We knew the Wii U wasn’t going to have the same impact because the simple fact of the matter was this, Nintendo is no Apple and can’t release a device while everyone’s got the one they already want. We never needed the new Wii U, we liked the old Wii fine.

The graph below shows the % change in sales from the previous quarter running from December 2006 to the end of March 2013. The six noticeable peaks show the true place when the sales happen, Christmas. The time when the titles really come out.


I know I’m not a lone voice on this, I’m desperate for Mario Kart on the iPad and iPhone, I’ll happily pay money for it (as would millions of others I firmly believe). Oh and Super Mario Bros, I like that too.  My eyeballs are usually on that device so it makes sense to sell to me when you can find me.

The thing is we’ve completed Skylanders now so, Nintendo, I’m not entirely sure where you fit in my life right now. If you want me, you’ll know where to find me.

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