Google Maps Directions, it’s the last 10% – #maps #googlemaps #directions

Google Maps is excellent, Apple’s mapping system ain’t that bad either when it’s all said and done.  I’m possibly the last remaining person on the planet that doesn’t have a satnav system in their car so I use Google Maps for directions a lot.

Northern Ireland, yesterday.
Northern Ireland, yesterday.

Directions takes you from point A to point B, fine…. and the mapping service plots out the route for you with the turn left, right and so on.

It’s the 10%….

Now most people are blessed with a sense of direction and the reading of road signs, so the general destination isn’t really the issue (actually I only know one person who needed to go to Glasgow and turned right towards London).

It’s the last part, the final 5% of the journey that I’m really bothered about the section where I really don’t know where I’m going. An option to turn off the first 75% of the instructions would be perfect.  So for example Belfast to Londonderry is nice and easy, get out of Belfast and follow the signs to Londonderry.  It’s only when you’re on the final bit of the journey your brain kicks in to “I have no idea where I’m really going” mode.

Making it more human

As mere mortals I don’t believe we’re really wired for the list of instructions that Google gives us, we ignore the majority of what’s generated.  A more human version for finding UU Magee campus from Limavady would be:

  • Turn right at the round about and go over Foyle Bridge
  • Once over the bridge take the left turn.
  • Pass the McDonalds
  • Pass Smyths toy store
  • You’ll see the University on your right.

I didn’t have to tell you the leaving Limavady bit, you’re autowired to head towards Londonderry.




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