#Facebook Home – Carry the creepy line 24/7 #bigdata

I’ve alluded to what I call the “creepy line” last October. That line where a service just knows a little too much about you to make some very scary predictions. Add to that the basics that a service could possibly know about you by tying up a few loose ends, well friends the end game is nigh indeed.

Facebook Home adds to the creepy line, absorbing the whole wrapper of the operating system. Makes sense for Facebook to do this, adverts need to be in front of eyeballs and eyeballs tend to be a mobile devices a lot of time. The billboard in your pocket is coming into view very quickly…. if you’re an Android fan.

Zuck knows that the iOS ecosystem is a walled garden, one that I hated to start off with but, one that I’ve come to like over time. So the idea of Facebook Home on iOS is a no go area, it just won’t happen. Android is a gaping wound of leaking information if you know how to develop for it properly.



Remember this, you still are the product feeding the data into Facebook for them to mine. To be honest it’s the same with any free service, free comes at a price and that price is information. The right data has value.

The Brewster app was a concern, all those networks and all that data. So what happens once I delete the app and my data is still up there on the “cloud” (it is with heavy irony I use inverted commas for that word).

Facebook Home feels like a last ditch to keep advertisers happy, it’s where the main bread of their income comes from and it’s fairly well documented that those ads and business pages don’t really add up to much to the average user.  Those who are social want to be social, not advertised to. Well not in a traditional sense anyway…..

So the question is, how prepared are Facebook to cross, mangle and manipulate the creepy line just to get ads in front of you?



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