Welcome to social media, park your rights at the doormat please…..

Perhaps I’m a lone voice in a field…..

Presselite came foul to Facebook’s “strategy”.  An app that ages photos, hmmmm I’m sure I’ve heard of this being done before somewhere, oh yeah! Instagram!


Now the conversation between Presselite and Facebook is really down to them, the tech press can manipulate their own stories to pull readers. What we do know is that Facebook were clamping down and the warning shots of recent were showing that they were willing to do what was required.

Like I’ve said before, this isn’t about social norms and social rights, this is about business. If you’re willing to pick a fight on a David vs Goliath(x1000) scale then feel free to go ahead but I do think your time could be better used working on your user base numbers and market share so you get acquired instead.

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