Has Linkedin just shot itself in the foot?


I’m not flattered, I’m not impressed and my ego certainly hasn’t been stroked.  If anything this has triggered off a worrying thing for Linkedin.  If me, little old me is in the top 1% of viewed profiles for 2012 then the view rates for the other 198,000,000 is pretty much non existent.

Is Linkedin just a pool of dead content.  I look at like this: my profile gets viewed about 8 unique user views in a week.  That means 416 views for the year. I would say 90% of them are based on the fact I’ve got the word “Hadoop” in the profile.  I rest my case???..

That’s one long tail that doesn’t surprise me.  It would be interesting to see the long tail of the long tail.  How many views did the top two million actually get.  If that’s where the core users are then that’s where the revenue is.  The rest is a non starter.

One response to “Has Linkedin just shot itself in the foot?”

  1. similar thoughts had crossed my mind too! If we’re in the top % the chances of the average person having their profile viewed at all is very low!

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