Skills = Power

Not my words but those of Mr Calacanis. Also, Jason makes an interesting note about how to get noticed in the tech scene. For the record I’ve been blogging/writing since 2002 and it does work. 

a) post highly intelligent comments — not about yourself — on those blogs 2-5x a day for three years.

b) start your own blog and write one blog post a day about one subject  for three years — not about yourself, about the topic. Don’t ever talk about yourself. 
c) go to any party, meetup or SIG you can find

You do those three things you will break in. Two hours a day for three years. 

Anyone who does that is going to not only get a job but might actually build a sustainable business or have a bidding war over them. “

I don’t think it matters where you get the skills from whether it be learning from Github repositories or sitting a creative technologies degree course.  The mantra for the Northern Ireland tech scene (which I purloined from @cimota) should be recorded on a gregorian chant and played continuously for any founder, funder or developer: 

Make yourself essential“.  

A degree, masters or PhD alone isn’t going to cut it anymore.  Ken Robinson’s notion of academic inflation has been around for a long time already, we just need to wake up to it.

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