Stormy Weather, the lesson in bad customer service?

As we wave a collective and partly hypocritical goodbye to Jessops and HMV, I got thinking about customer service in it’s various guises.  Then realised that Etta James had been singing about it all along in “Stormy Weather”.
I’ve made a few alterations from the original???..
Stormy Venture
Don???t know whyThere???s no sun up in the skyStormy ventureSince my customer and I ain???t togetherRevenue keeps droppin’ all of the time
Oh yeah, life is badGloom and misery everywhereStormy venture, stormy ventureAnd I just can get my poor startup togetherOh, I???m weary all of the timeThe time, so weary all of the time
When the customer went awayThe blues walked in and met meOh yeah, if he stays awayOld receiver is gonna get meAll I do is pray, the Lord will let meWalk in the sun once more
Oh, I can’t go on, can’t go on, can’t go onEverything I have is goneStormy venture, stormy ventureSince my customer and IMe and my daddy ain???t togetherRevenue keeps droppin’ all of the time
Oh oh, new features keep failing all of the timeOh, yeah, yeah, yeah, raining all of the timeStory, stormy, stormy venture, yeah.
As an added Friday bonus, here’s my favourite version of Stormy Weather by Tackhead.

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