Facebook starting the API walled garden?

I said at the start of the month that 2013 would be the year of API chess.  While the mainstay of the moves have come from Twitter it looks like Facebook are starting their moves too.

In the space of 24 hours Facebook has pulled searches from Vine and YanexWonder.

The Vine block shouldn’t come as any great shock as Twitter now have integrated Vine’s six second videos into your Twitter timeline.  Facebook blocks social searching???. yeah no surprise there.

YanexWonder is a voice activated “social search” and guess what Facebook loved it so much they pulled the search API functionality within three hours.  

Now that Facebook are launching their graph searching facility the potential core focus is user search. Any startup thinking of whoppeeee search apps on their phones may need to reconsider quickly.

My final note: remember, it ain’t your data. 

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