Three books on business…

Go to any decent bookshop and visit the “business” section. Wall to wall titles on how to do this, that and dare I say it, the other.  It’s fair to say that the majority of them are nonsense. Thinly disguised self help books with “you can do it!” inside but with no substance that you might starve you and your family in the process of your next “game changer”.  


So, while it’s not Christmas Day (I couldn’t face a keyboard Christmas Day) here we go on the three books I can’t live without for the entrepreneur in trying. 

1. The Personal MBA

One volume that covers pretty much everything. I never bought into the whole MBA thing anyway, lots of money for an education. The MBA’s I’ve worked with in the past were missing three shades of common sense in replacement for their economic theories. I digress. 

Split up in the bite size sections this goes on about various ways of charging, business models and other considerations to take.

2. The Sales Bible

For those of you startups in Northern Ireland, you need this. It’s about as comprehensive as it gets and covers every eventuality that I can see. 

3. Angels, Dragons and Vultures: How to Tame Your Investor…. And Not Lose Your Company

Oh I learned sooooo much from this book. All the little hidden things that VC’s don’t like to tell you. After reading this you might actually think twice before doing that seed round. The chapter on management fees will open your eyes….

Honourable mentions:

64 Things You Need To Know Now For Then – Ben Hammersley – (I suppose it’s not strictly a business book but a very good indication of where things are going)

Sex, Leadership and Rock & Roll – Peter Cook – (Okay, Peter has a MBA but we forgave him πŸ˜‰ )

The Apple Experience – Carmine Gallo

One Minute Startup, The Book – Garrett Murphy and Jason Bell – You can download it now for free, try it.  


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