73 Pieces of Data about you???. #dataissexy #data #privacy

  1. Your name
  2. Your age
  3. National Insurance/Social Security Number
  4. Your address
  5. Your IP address(es)
  6. Your credit/debit card number
  7. Your purchases on your credit/debit card
  8. Your medical records
  9. Your drivers license
  10. The rates you pay
  11. The electricity you consume
  12. The gas you consume
  13. Your bank account number
  14. Your TV License number
  15. Ethnic origin
  16. Criminal record
  17. Religious opinions
  18. Political opinions
  19. Your landline telephone number
  20. Your mobile number
  21. Your email address
  22. Whois data if you own a domain name
  23. Your Facebook account
  24. Your Facebook statuses
  25. Your friendships on Facebook
  26. Your chats on Facebook
  27. Your Twitter account
  28. Your DM’s
  29. Your hashtags
  30. Your searches
  31. The YouTube videos you watch
  32. The videos you commented on
  33. Your record collection on your device
  34. When you played a certain track of your record collection
  35. Your Google searches
  36. Your internet service provider log records of your site visits
  37. CCTV recognition
  38. Retail Loyalty Cards
  39. Blog posts
  40. Website Likes (Facebook)
  41. Website Pins (Pinterest)
  42. Website +1’s (Google+)
  43. Skype Calls
  44. All the books you ever purchased on Amazon
  45. All the books you ever looked at but didn’t purchase
  46. What book you’re reading on the Kindle
  47. Which page you’re on in your Kindle book
  48. Which books you don’t finish on your Kindle
  49. How fast you turn the pages on your Kindle
  50. Your mobile voice calls
  51. Your SMS texts
  52. Your mobile location (via cell tower location)
  53. Your map searches
  54. Your SatNav journeys
  55. EXIF data from every photograph you’ve digitally taken
  56. Every Instagram tag
  57. Remember that old Bebo account….
  58. Your old MySpace account
  59. Your Foursquare checkins
  60. Every flight you’ve taken
  61. Every suitcase you’ve checked in
  62. Every grade of every eLearning course you’ve done
  63. How long it took to do each section of that course
  64. How you faired at the quiz at the end.
  65. Your mailing lists subscriptions
  66. If you read the email sent to you
  67. All the ads served to you
  68. Your address book (think Brewster), it’s uploaded…..
  69. The restaurants you review
  70. The stuff you rate
  71. The date/time you went on the transport system (Oyster Card)
  72. The station you departed from….
  73. The station you went to…..
Just the basics…. there are hundreds more, hundreds. Now think about the effect of linking several elements together.

Sleep well 🙂 

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