Crowdsourcing the magazine stands #dataissexy #crowdsourcing

I have a small request. What I’m looking to do is see the different ways that magazines are displayed within stores and the quickest way I can see to do it is to ask the wisdom of crowds.
So all I ask is that you send me a photo of your local newsagent magazine stands please, if you can keep it clean all the better (no NSFW pics please).  

All I’m looking for right now is a cross section of different types of magazine stand available as I’m trying to figure out some numbers. As I’m only ever in one of two newsagents (and I’ve got them sorted already) but I’m interested to see the larger stored in London, Manchester, New York, San Francisco….. you get the idea.

And for the inquisitive among you this all stems from a conversation at CultureTech with Ben Hammersley interjected with reading of the MIT Technology Review, I think it’s fair to say that print magazine is far far far from dead.

You can email them to me at jasonbell @


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