Instagram – take the money and run.


You would though wouldn't you?
I bet photographer Chase Jarvis is kicking himself this morning 😉
So what does all??this prove? Well there's money in that there data, that's for sure. This isn't about new users as I would wager the majority of Instagram users are already on Facebook. So what's Facebook have really bought is the social graph of pictures….
It's about users, relationships, media, comments, likes, tags, locations and geographies.
The cost, yeah it's way over priced or is it? FB are not buying the application, let's be honest anyone can do that, they are buying photographic user interaction??to the??tune of 25 pics a second (as stated in Oct??2011).??That's over 2 million uploads a day (it will be a lot more now),??for data and insight that's??cheap. The Zuckerberg camp obviously know what they want to do with that data.
This is a power play in data and a disaster for investments, there's another bubble coming me thinks.

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