Thoughts on Pinterest but we’re only scratching the surface.


Let’s get one thing out of the way, I like Pinterest and the idea of social sharing, if it’s social as you’re usually sat a computer not being social and pinning stuff. 

So that’s been done startups, we can move on now, done, finito it’ll transform retail, well it won’t but it’s a great hyperbowl to chuck the tech press and get them all exited. So here’s where I want it to go….

Consumer wants are based on the psychological instinct. Like Jesse J’s outfit you’ll scramble to to Google to try and find it or something remotely like it (well I won’t as I don’t have that sorta fringe). It’s time to look at the medium again, watching stuff moving stuff.

Time to rethink the set top box interactions, it was the reason that the Java programming language was originally developed, inter connected consumer devices especially the telebox. So imagine that you’re watching Mad Men and that lovely dress comes on, a quick ping of the red button will bring you the online purchasing options (there’s a fashion API I know of ripe for the picking)  

Your satellite subscription is linked to your payment card or bank account so that’s the payment of the product sorted out. The majority of startups are obsessed with the web as the platform and the constant mentioning of putting stuff in the cloud. The reality is that potential customers are all over the place and watching television is still a time chewing pasttime, we just need to make the shopping connection a little better.

Time to play with the Java TV API me thinks 🙂


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