Conquest Dynamics on (@cimota)

Those who know Matt (aka @cimota) know the amount of work he’s put into Digital Circle over the last few years. So it’s nice to know that he’s pushing things along with his own startup “Conquest Dynamics”. Now the startup is on and I think it’s worth shouting about.  I’ve just copy/pasted his original blog post here to try and get the word out a bit more.

Good luck Matt and the rest of the team.

Though, to date, we’ve had one inquiry. So rather than hide it all behind a wall, here’s what we’ve written. As my theory is that telling no-one was getting us nowhere, I’m now telling everyone.

About Matt

1990-1994 BSc Hons Genetics
1994-1996 PgCert Computers and IT
1996 Joined Nortel
1996 Published first game: The 23rd Letter
1998 Published second game: SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO
2001 Published third game: Zombi: the earth won’t hold the head
2003 Started own IT company, MacSys Ltd
2006 Started Infurious software
2008 Started developing Digital Circle in Northern Ireland
2011 Put together the team for Conquest Dynamics

Business Opportunity

We will need an initial £200,000 of funding to produce the first game and the development of the initial IP for the second and third. We are not aiming for the 69p market, but rather delivering some new ideas in social and multiplayer games which will drive payer recruitment and engagement.

Our initial game has a basic game design document but this also needs enhancement and we are keen to find additional advice as well as funding to assist in the delivery of this.

The opportunity in a global, networked marketplace is immense thoughwill only be realised through appropriate marketing, use of social media and development of a die-hard player community.

We aim to sell more than a million copies of each game each year and establish four important new properties over the next five years.


We will make games and sell them. A lot.

We have one developed idea and three further games on the slate and a dozen more in the distance.

Market Information

We are aiming for a market segment that is at the intersection of 11M subscribers to World of Warcraft and 65 million iPads.

We will be targeting a sector we know well. Gamers who have limited time, some money to spend and a desire to play games which have more depth than casual games. We’re targeting gamer dads.

Financial Information

To be decided. Come and talk to us.

We’re looking for a committed partner who will provide more than just funding. We’re in for a roller coaster; we have big plans so come and talk to us.

Intellectual Property Information

We will be developing new content-based intellectual peoperty based on original ideas and tell engaging stories.

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