Tonight: Open Coffee Limavady @ Cafe Piazza 6-8pm

Cafe Piazza is to host the next Open Coffee Limavady meeting this coming Thursday (22nd March) from 6pm-8pm.?? The OpenCoffee business networking events have taken place all over the provinceand provide a no-pressure environment for individuals and businesses tomeet, share what they are doing and have a coffee.
"These events are encouraged to get business, freelancersand customers in the area to have a pressure free platform to meet andcollaborate with each other. At a time when budgets are short and customersare watching their outgoings this is the time to meet together, share andforge partnerships that can transform businesses, the town and the borough. I think there's lots to talk about, the new Roe Valley Arts and CulturalCentre has attracted a lot of attention from all over the province. Nowas a borough, we need to think of ways to capitalise on this and bringnew customers to the area.", said Jason Bell the event organiser.

"Originally these events were aimed a small hi techfirms looking for investment money, the best places to talk were out ofthe work place and over a coffee. It's where the better deals get donewithout the pressure or stress of a working environment.?? Over thelast three years I've been involved in putting these events on I've witnessedsome great collaborations and partnerships. It can happen anywhere andI'm excited to see what can happen in Limavady, it's an exciting time tobe here.?? I have no vested interest in the outcomes, I'm enthusedthat these things happen."

For those who've never considered business networkingbefore, event organiser Jason Bell sets the scene.
Who should attend?
"Anyone with a business or with an idea, regardlessof sector.?? The retail sector needs all the support it can get soOpen Coffee is a great place for them to share what they are doing. I'dlove to see the local enterprise agency and Invest Northern Ireland peoplebe on ground level too, this is where their clients are".

What do I need to bring?
"Just bring yourself and plenty of business cards.There's no harm in bringing a couple of friends too".

What if I don't like talking much?
"Then you're not under any pressure to do so, thisisn't speed dating, it's no pressure business networking.?? You cancome and go as you please and there's no fixed rules that you have to staythe entire time."

How much does it cost?
"It's free to attend, no membership fees or entrycosts".

Do you think I could find a job?
"I did! Yes job seekers are definitely encouragedto attend and meet their potential employers. The first Open Coffee I organisedin Coleraine I was unemployed at the time. By the end of the first nightI had three leads to potential jobs."

What's in it for you?
"Nothing, I do it because I want to see businessin Limavady succeed.?? We just need to collaborate and work together."

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