Hello customer! I’m retailer…. nice to meet you. #retailer #loyalty

Hi valued customer, I’m the retailer that you bought from. You kindly said I could contact you and offer products that I thought might be of interest.  In order to do that though it’s going to take some time, a bit of inital guess work and some more communication.

So let me show you this scale because it’s important to me.


The reason I show you this because right now this is how I see you.  You either are a 0 (you won’t buy from me again) or a 1 (pretty sure you’re coming back because we did great things).  As I’ve got no real idea whether you’ll be back or not I’m going to play it safe and put you in the middle of the scale at 0.5.

From time to time you’ll come in and buy things. We’ll take a look at the items you buy, we know our stock well and we’ve tuned the system nicely that we know all sorts of stuff about that stock item (called attributes).

We also know stuff about you because you told us that when you signed up with us, so the postcode/zipcode, income range and all that. Yeah we’ll use that too. Mash it all together and get an idea of what you’ll like. 

Okay here’s the deal. We’ve clustered products together that we think someone would buy at the same time. This in turn means we can have a good guess where you are in life, daily routine and all that. 

So don’t be surprised when we send you coupons that you think go against the grain, we might be two steps ahead.  Just because you’re not making it totally obvious doesn’t mean we can’t have a good guess. Sometimes we get it wrong, we’re sorry.

If you’re ticking the boxes of a certain bunch of products then your rating on our scale (at the top) will rise, you might be 0.75 or 0.80 in our scale of “they might buy what we offer them”.

It’s a strange contract I know, you give us a lot of information and we give you a good offer in return in way of thanks.

In the long run it’ll work out better for the both of us.




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