#BassFriday – January 27th 2012

It’s Friday and though I was under pressure by some (well two) to push #BassFriday a little early I held out.  If you’re on Spotify then you can download the playlist here.

1. It Ain’t No Fun To Me – Larry Graham & Graham Central Station

Direct from the man who invented slap bass…. GCS stuff has been slowly catching up with my ears as it was always a bit of 70s Hammond organ for me.  Now I love it.  Be sure to track down the instructional video Larry did, it’s on Youtube.

2. Beauty and the Mess – Nickel Creek

While the three amazing talents of Sean, Sarah and Chris tear up the bluegrass rulebook and spit it out (possibly on a stranger) Byron House is usually behind the scenes but those double are from sitting in the background.  To be honest I could have chosen any track from “This Side” but this is one of my favourites.

3. Never Enough – Adrian Belew

It’s an easy mistake to make, Adrian is an incredible musician as well as stunt guitarist.  Always difficult to pick a track though as they’re all good.  “Never Enough” though shows that hint of Beatles influence with a lovely double bass part.

4. Lord I Come Before You – Salvador

NSFA (Not Suitable For Atheists :))

I’m actually not too bothered what your take on the lyrics are, whatever floats yer boat as far as I’m concerned.  BUT listen to that intro! Josh Gonzales tears up and down the intro and then settles in nicely.  Even the Santana-esque guitar solo shines.

5. Coisich, a Ruin – Capercaillie

The early nineties brought a mix of groove and jigs together, with the likes of Altan, Iona, Davy Spillane and the whole Riverdance thing going on it was hard to avoid.  Coisich was a high point for me, I’d just never heard this sort of thing before.  Sadly for me it never surpassed this.

6. Funky Avocado – Michael Hedges

Sounds like Jaco but it’s not, it’s Michael Manring. “Breakfast In The Field” was an early Hedges album but still stands out as one of the best for me.  

7. U Can’t Hold No Groove – Victor Wooten

I have a love/hate relationship with bass player albums. Over indulgent nonsense most of the time, even the jazz ones…. Victor hmmmm yes he’s a bassist’s bassist but he can fit in with anyone too. 

8. 5G – Bruford

Yeah we’re hitting the prog areas of life, Jeff Berlin on bass here and for someone who is seemingly against slap bass well he seems to be doing a good job here.  So Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth, Jeff and Dave Stewart (of Stewart and Gaskin, not the Annie Lennox one) top flight musofest may commence 🙂

9. Soft Machine – Hazard Profile Part 1

And if 5G was prog enough for you then Soft Machine will prog out even further. Is it prog or is it Jazz/Fusion? Roy Babbington playing a Fender VI, we’ll let that go as a bass in this tune, it’s not a guitar it’s not a guitar.

10. Make Them Dance – Defunkt

Highly highly highly underrated band. Kim Clarke is just plain solid and inventive at the same time.  If you want one album make sure it’s Thermonuclear Sweat (my copy is still on cassette and I have nothing to play it on 🙂 )




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