#BassFriday – January 13th 2012

It’s back and it’s frequencies are lower than ever. So the 13th might be unlucky for some but that doesn’t stop finding some nice bass heavy tunes to work to.

If you have Spotify then you can play the tunes now with the playlist.

1. Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm

While Trevor Horn produced it was Louis Jardim who played the original bassline.  A quick hunt on Youtube and you’ll find Trevor playing bass and Louis playing percussion live in the Prince’s Trust concert.  

2. Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know

This song has a naughty word in it – you have been warned.

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea played on this track.  For me it’s still her best song, maybe that’s ironic….

3. Bruce Cockburn – Tibetan Side Of Town

Putting to one side that Bruce is an amazing guitarist, let’s not forget that Fergus Marsh is, in my eyes, a very underrated but amazing Stick player.  One of the rare ones that puts the song first.  I never got on with Bruce’s studio albums but the live ones took me to another place.

4. Sylvian/Fripp – God’s Monkey

1993 marked a bit of a golden period where Robert Fripp has his guitar all over the place.  The Robert Fripp String Quintet, David Sylvian and then the next chapter of King Crimson.  In the background, quitely crafting lines that layered, screamed and held the groove was Trey Gunn.

5. Level 42 – Mr Pink

The instrumental that everyone mentions when you talk about Level 42.  The early versions had a lot more room to them, hence I chose one from 1982, actually to let Boon’s guitar come through a bit more.

6. Hue & Cry – Labour Of Love

So two basslines really, a piano and a bass guitar.  James Finnigan played for a lot of Hue & Cry’s stuff, live and studio. A few years later was in Stiltskin who landed fame with “Inside” being used on a Levi’s ad.  Instant number 1.

7. Faith No More – Epic

So a lot of heavier artists made attempted to stick hard slap basslines within their tunes. Not many did a great job in my opinion (and I don’t class the Spin Doctors as hard rock).  Billy Gould on the other hand did a rather splendid job on Epic.

8. Repetition – Tackhead

Originally a song by The Fall but appeared as a B side on Tackhead’s single “Dangerous Sex”, a live favourite as well.  Doug Wimbish, say no more.  If you ever hear a live version there’s a month’s worth of bass lessons right there.



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