Startups, "die young, stay pretty"….


So Blondie were singing about startups, possibly in the same way Propaganda were with Duel. Who’d have thought eh?

Is their tune “Die Young, Stay Pretty” just about startup product development?  Could be…

Deteriorate in your own time
Tell ’em you’re dead and wither away

If at first you don’t success then try something else we’re constantly told in the plethora of startup books.  Don’t dwell on an idea too long, build fast and measure.

Are you waiting for the reaper to arrive?
Or just to die by the hand of love?
Love for youth, love for youth
So, die young and stay pretty

The whole song points to startup product development, I’m sure of it 🙂

Have a listen and drop me a comment…..

3 responses to “Startups, "die young, stay pretty"….”

  1. Thank you Peter, could have been from reading your blog often :)Blondie are on my session bucket list – bands I’d like to play bass with….

  2. If you want to get on the bill, understand that Ms Harry requires 100 singly washed towels as part of her rider …

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