So from all those MTV tweets last week…..

Well if there’s one thing MTV can do it’s create a hypertweet frenzy.  First of all a big thank you to all at RepKnight who were drinking tweets like they’ve never seen before.  They rightly pulled the plug.  Could have been due to this one…


Anyway we have data to go through.

The social media landscape was churning messages at the peak of 166 tweets per second on the hashtag #mtvema.

A little playing around this evening with a basic Hadoop setup gave me the following.

144,649 users created the 817,060 tweets I have on file. Hadoop/MapReduce worked that out in less than a couple of seconds and gave me all the figures of who tweeted how many times.

To get more sense out of it though I pulled the results in R….

The average number of tweets per use was 5.6, the max was 600 tweets by Bepirem from Turkey (read it and weep Belfast tweeters!) but she was in a very small group of high tweeting outliers.

So, a starting point…. but there’s a lot more to go through and I’m just scratching the surface.



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