Stendhal Festival – Where on earth do I start…..

Oh back in 2008 us photographers stuck huge copyright signs through our photos so no one could nick them.  Times have changed.  The three lads in the picture are Tim Ferris, Ross Parkhill and John Cartright. They had this idea to stage a festival in 2008 – drinks were had and plans were sought.

Over the months it became a rollercoaster of it’s happening/it’s not happening. It was something Limavady needed but was coming up from opposition from various angles.  One day John asked if I’d do a picture for the day of the big council meeting on whether they’d get the go ahead.  For a giggle we’d do two pics one smiling for a go ahead and one glum one for the no go.  


Hand on hearts I think most people knew it wasn’t going to happen. The time wasn’t right (and for the record 16th August 2008 it rained like I’d never seen it rain before). So all went silent – pics weren’t used…. until now.

Three years on and most people are only seeing the surface of the hard work everyone has put in to the festival that’s going on right now and tomorrow.  So all I can say is well done lads and here’s the pic.


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