"The One Minute Startup" – Beta test copy of my new book.

A good friend, Garrett Murphy, and I had been talking about a quick book for startups for a while.  So instead of all the talking I got on with the doing. #JFDI as we say.

So here’s the first draft, instead of holding all the keys to the kingdom close to our chests we decided to let it loose to the world in a beta test copy.  Just to gauge a bit of reaction from people involved in established businesses, startups and mentors. 

Some may not like the direct style but you’ll get used to it.

You can download the “One Minute Startup” here.

Feedback in the comments if you wish.


7 responses to “"The One Minute Startup" – Beta test copy of my new book.”

  1. All I can say Jase is thank you! I read your book cover to cover, when I finished I read it again and again! I used your insider tips in my startup and made over ??5k in the first week, then ??7.5k in the second. Thanks to you I can now afford to but my own condo in Florida. Thank you again.

  2. Simple, yet visionary. Many of the recent high-profile IPOs could learn a lot from this 🙂

  3. Easy to read, and yet so meaningful. I thought the illustrations were especially pointed.

  4. What’s the licence on this book? Can I set up a few gazillion sites on the interwebs and market it how to make millions?Obviously I’d cut you in for a reasonable percentage of the profits. I’m thinking 0.05%, but that’s negotiable.:)

  5. Hi Jase,My primary school teacher told me about an ad in a magazine for a 100% effective mouse killer product. When you sent off for it, you got two blocks of wood in return. Instructions were, place mouse on first block, strike hard with second. I don’t know if you see any parallels. Something may be 100% true but is it adding value?

  6. JaseThis is good, but doesn’t go far enough.I think that early stage start-ups are less concerned about making profit than about just not losing so much money.A chapter showing how, by reducing both turnover AND overheads to zero you can immediately stop that loss would be very useful, especially for those with no business experience, or those with too much, like boo.com.Chapter 1 is excellent, however. Worth a second read.

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