Discovering Zappos customer service firsthand.


I’m not the sort of person that goes and just phones/emails a supplier just to kick the tyres.  So spending an evening hunting around for a decent pair of cowboy boots (I need a decent heel, flat shoes just don’t agree with me) I ended up looking at the Zappos website.

Let’s be fair, if you mention shoes then you’re gonna look at Zappos.

Now living in the UK I didn’t know about if Zappos shipped to the UK… so now it’s time to try the customer services.

Sent the email and got an automated response, fine and happy to get that.  What I was expecting was the human response within 6 minutes.  It wasn’t even a “thanks but we don’t” but a lovely crafted personal email with two suppliers that could help me.

So I’ve had the pleasure of being passed on by Zappos to a competitor and I still emailed back to thank them. 


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