#bassfriday – 27th August

Bass Friday seems to be getting popular on Twitter (#bassfriday), so for the both of you I thought I’d list them here instead. One list of links saves having to trawl through stuff.  You can click on the titles if you have Spotify.Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots“Ready” Freddie Washington, just got to love him really.Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes NoiseOff 99.9F degrees, Bruce Thomas providing a line that does wonders while Suzanne sings through a mega phone.Level 42 – Coup D’Etat – Backwards Mix b-sideCould have picked one of thousands but picked this one.  The version on the World Machine album has the full lyrics but just never quite gets there.  This version which ended up as a B-side to the 12″ of Something About You provides a lot more tension.Propaganda – DuelOkay, first things first. It’s not a synth bassline, it’s a real bassline.  A Wal to be precise…. tuned down as the song is in Eb.Primus – Jerry Was A Race Car DriverTake the bassline from Elephant Talk by King Crimson and use a six string fretless instead of a Chapman Stick…. Les Claypool did publicly nod that he loved Tony Levin’s tone on the Stick but didn’t want to spend the time learning it.The Who – My Generation – Artificial Stereo VersionJohn Entwhistle. Need I say more?Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – New York, New YorkDoug Wimbish – journeyman bassist and one of the nicest blokes I’ve ever met.Marcus Miller – Teen TownThe old Weather Report tune (Jaco Pastorius’ trademark lick) but slapped instead.  Everything says it shouldn’t work as it’s pure sacrilege but it actually works really well.  There is a live video on YouTube as well.Béla Fleck – Blu-BopJazz and Bluegrass is an odd combo but Bela likes to break boundries.  So the Wooten brothers, Victor and ahem Futureman rip the rulebook and did for several albums later.Sheryl Crow – Everyday Is A Winding RoadThis is actually a sparse tune but that bass is really heavy in the mix.  I’ve played this live quite a few times with folk over the years, all good fun.If you want the whole Spotify playlist you can click here.

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