Don’t be afraid to shoot high, very high.

This isn’t just a Northern Ireland thing, it seems to be a connected Great Britain mentality. No one wants to see you succeed.  More than that no one wants you to make a comfortable fortune either.I don’t hear very often, “well I hope you make f**king millions from it”, it’s normally, “well if you make enough to pay yourself a wage”.  Like that’s good enough.  By the way there’s nothing to stop you in the plan for making a wage from your idea first and then continuing on to the making a fortune bit.  It’s just the idea of stopping because you can scrape the bills.Don’t be scared to dream, don’t be scared to aim high (I was like this at the start). Don’t be scared to argue and fight your corner for what YOU want, not what everyone else thinks you want.There’s a ton of great startups in Northern Ireland but I think a lot of the problem to growth stems from the mentality of others telling people “you won’t make it”, “you’ll not make that amount of money” or “what background do you have…..”.If you have an idea then #JFDIMary McKenna wrote in her blog recently:In his research & interviews with 150+ notable African Americans, these are the 4 things that consistently make some people far more successful than most of us:1.       They dream big2.       They never listen to advice from friends & critics telling them the reasons why their idea will fail; they go with their own inner belief every time3.       They dedicate themselves to lifelong learning (see slide on the photo above re what happens to you if you don’t!)4.       They simply refuse to accept failure.Food for thought indeed – I hope many of you see some of the above in yourselves.

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