Bootstrap Diaries: Knowledge is cheap.

Very cheap in fact.  Obviously there’s the Google/Bing/(Name your other favourite search engine here).When it comes to knowledge for Datasentiment I had a bit of a head start from 2002 when I worked for a data mining company. I learned an awful lot about things not to do to your employees, how bad some Phd coder’s Java can be and watching reams and reams of data from a well know supermarket that couldn’t compete with the clubcard.For those who met me last year when I was talking about free tables the like on the phone, well the next three months were an unfocused blur and the months between October and March have been the most rewarding, productive and exciting times.Any gaps in knowledge were basically filled with the books below:


One of those books was listed on Amazon at £0.00, yup it was in their warehouse and they wanted rid of it, all I had to do was pay the postage.  The majority of these books were below five pence and all of them have domain knowledge that I couldn’t easily find on Google.  Tesco certainly don’t give their clubcard secrets away.

There’s no excuse for “I don’t know” because i) The knowledge is out there and ii) there’s probably a dozen people who’ve asked the same question.

Post-It notes came in handy for my copy of Rework when it landed.


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