Bootstrap diaries: Will work anywhere…..

In the final throws of the launch product being ready it’s been all (my) hands on deck, so here’s today’s schedule.6.00am – Coffee and fire up the laptop.8.00 am – Get myself looking presentable (I think there should be a book called, “Dressing Gown Entrepreneurs”)9.00a m – Car into tyre centre, made some calls to launch customers.10.00 am – Back to the house, code a little more.11.25 am – Head over to Portrush.12.00 pm – Encamp in Ground in Portrush, coffee is excellent and the cinnamon swirly thing is going down a treat.  More work done…1.20 pm – Head back to Coleraine, sit in the car park and do some more work in the car.1.40 pm – Sainsbury’s car park, more of the same.3.00 pm – Back at the house where my daughter and I play Super Mario Bros on the Wii5.00 pm – Downtime…….6.00 pm – Family time making dinner.7.00 pm – My world stops for TV Burp, makes me honk with laughter which I am not ashamed about.  I need this programme… :)8.00 pm – An evening of on and off development work, managed to get an awful lot done.If you have a full time job and am working on a startup then the evening and weekend route is the way you’ll probably go.  It’s not easy, even more so if you do have a family.  The main thing to remember is that it is achievable.  Good luck.

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