Bootstrap diaries: pre launch feedback

Wednesday night was Open Coffee in Coleraine.  Though I’m now asked many times why I need it now there’s a steady stream of work, I still get a buzz from seeing the good things that businesses are doing.Better still was I got some good feedback on my own product and my thoughts were aligning quite nicely with what was going through my head as well.  Feedback though leads to new ideas and sometimes you just have to stop yourself doing anymore development before you go to launch.The main thing is to put your product in front of potential customers and not developers, they are breeds apart sometimes.  I’m not say that all developer feedback is useless, far from it, but you need to get to the people who are going to use your thing/thang/doofer/doobrie on a daily basis.The one feature I was toying with is a firm requirement so it got put into the main system this morning.  And the product went from being excellent to being a game changer.  Me, for one, I am a happy man.So to recap:

  • Get to open coffee or any other networking event. Networking face to face is where your potential customers are.
  • You can explain things is more than sentences of 140 characters. 🙂
  • Seek out who you want to demo to, be picky with your potentials.  Are they a short term, mid term or long term proposition?
  • If the product is work in progress say so but also have a firm roadmap in your head of when you are ready to launch.  Also mention the future roadmap, it shows commitment to your potential customer and the product you own.
  • Open Coffee is usually a relaxed place, so you can relax too.

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